Our Investment Services

We include a complete, non-biased analysis of your insurance and investment portfolio. This includes a breakdown of what you currently own and how those products may or may not compliment your needs, risk tolerance and future expectation of income. We place in writing our carefully thought-out recommendations.

Retirement Planning

Retirement plans play a crucial role in providing a source of income in our later years. However, planning for retirement can be very confusing and often difficult to implement. We believe it is important you work with a professional to ensure the choices you make today will meet the needs of you and your family tomorrow.

Our Investment Services

Business Continuation Planning, Executive Disability Carve-Out Planning, 401(k) Plans (including ROTH option), SIMPLE IRA’s, SEP-IRA’s etc., Pension Plans, Guaranteed-Issued Group Life Insurance, AFLAC Plans, Group Health / Fully-Insured, Group Health / Partially Self-Funded