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Many firms only offer investment strategies and ignore the larger picture.

We walk our clients through a detailed planning process that considers their assets, liabilities and income needs.

Our planning process walks a client through a 5-step process:

Are you ready to start your financial future?

  • Gathering Data and Developing Goals:

    Tell us all about you! When would you like to retire? What are your expenses like today and how do you expect them to change in the future? How much have you saved and how much are you currently saving towards your retirement goal? How much would you like to leave to your heirs? This is perhaps the most important part of the planning process because it helps us establish where you are today and what your goals are for the future.

  • Evaluate Your Current Financial Status:

    After gathering detailed information on your current financial position and future goals, we walk clients through various scenarios to show them their current status. Specifically, we show clients their plan with a set of optimistic, pessimistic and baseline assumptions. Our goal is to create a plan that can accomplish your goals even if things don't go as well as you hope they will.

  • Assessment we provide of your data/plans/goals:

    We have found that after evaluating their current financial status, many clients were in a better position than they previously believed. However, we may still need to recommend some changes to increase your probability of achieving your goals. This is also the point at which we would be helping you select an investment strategy that matches your goals.

  • Recommendation from us in a written outline:

    After completing the initial plan and educating you about your investment options, we help you put the plan into motion. It is only when you take action and implement the parts of your plan that you deem most important that you begin to achieve your goals.

  • Take ACTION!

    We believe setting measurable financial goals and re-evaluating your progress on a regular basis is crucial to your financial success. To this end, we offer our clients yearly portfolio reviews. Plus, any additional review as you request. Our experience shows more communication with clients generally translates into a stronger relationship and a higher probability you will stick to the plan.

Keith Robinson

Keith D. Robinson, LUTCF, President

Brent M. Robinson

Associate, Licensed Producer,