Some of the products we offer

Life Insurance

Provides for payment to cover costs associated with death, i.e. payoff mortgage, provide income to survivors, provide inheritance to loved ones. Two basic types:  Term and plans that build cash value.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Insurance to cover long-term care services and support for nursing home, assisted living and home health care.

Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities

Product providing tax-deferred buildup of cash based upon the returns of an index that then provides either a lump sum or payout-of-cash at a later date.

Variable Annuity

Product that specifically has the cash value invested in separate accounts that are very similar to a Mutual Fund type investment.

Mutual Fund

Funds managed professionally whereby the managers invest in a wide variety of stocks, bonds and other equities to achieve returns.

Individual Health

Insurance that provides coverage to provide health care purchased for an individual or their family.

Group Health

Health insurance purchased through a broker insured by an insurance company to provide coverage for the employees. Available for all sizes of companies.

Partially Self-Funded

A structure alternative for providing group health where the employer accepts part of the risk to fund the program.

Medical Supplement (Med Supp)

A policy to cover medical costs not covered by Medicare parts A & B.

Medicare Advantage

Provides additional benefits to Medicare plans, currently no deductibles but higher co-pays than Medicare Supplement.